Independence Central Police Building Renovation Project Award

Independence MO Central Police Building Renovation Project Award - Wilson Estes Police ArchitectsWilson Estes Police Architects is pleased to commence work on a new project for the Police Department in the City of Independence, Missouri. The Independence Police Department serves a growing community in the eastern suburbs of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The City has been undertaking a phased renovation of their Central Police Building and Wilson Estes Police Architects will be assisting the department with a renovation of their first floor. The project will provide the department with improved space for their Records division in a portion of the first floor that was recently vacated due to a relocation of the Investigations division within the facility. The current location of the Records division will be refurbished into a flexible use space that will serve a variety of department functions for which they do not currently have available space. Improvement of the public lobby areas with resulting upgrades for the security and safety of staff and the public will also be undertaken as part of the renovation. Wilson Estes Police Architects always considers it to be a privilege to help improve public safety within its’ local community.