Marion Police Headquarters Spring Construction Project Update

Marion Police Headquarters Construction Progress Update - Wilson Estes Police Architects

Despite the late onset of winter with wind and bitter cold, construction on the Marion Police Headquarters designed by Wilson Estes Police Architects is once again progressing on schedule. Architectural precast concrete wall panels have recently been erected and window systems are currently being installed. Interior work currently underway includes wall framing, mechanical and electrical rough-in and fire sprinkler piping. With facility enclosure occurring in the near future, interior work will quickly become the focus of work on-site. This 42,000 square foot project is being completed under a lease-purchase agreement, with Miron Construction of Cedar Rapids, Iowa serving as the Contractor. The $12 million facility is anticipated to be complete in late 2013.

The new facility will be highly functional and tailor fit to the unique needs of the Marion Police Department, but with a basis on standards in the public safety industry for what a community should be expected to provide to allow for efficient delivery of public safety services. Wilson Estes Police Architects is working daily with Miron Construction to ensure the finished project meets the Owner’s goals. While the most noticeable activity is occurring on-site as the building is constructed, City and Police Department staff are also working behind the scenes on issues relating to furnishings, City information technology provisions and implementation of a new regional emergency communications system, to which the new facility will connect.