Owasso Police & City Hall Needs Study Project Kick-Off

Owasso Owner Group

James Estes of Wilson Estes Police Architects recently facilitated information gathering sessions in Owasso, Oklahoma with Police Department and City representatives as a kick-off for need assessment and conceptual design services. The information gathered will form the core components of a comprehensive need assessment study that will determine both current and future space needs for the City.

These highly interactive meetings are structured to assist the Owner in evaluating how they currently operate and how they would operate if it was not for the constraints of their current facilities. Real problems are explored and the benefit of decades of experience with this project type will help to inform the City how other departments have met their facility needs. These meetings are focused on identifying the personnel, their tasks and what spaces are necessary for each staff member’s duties. The unique characteristics and needs of Owasso will be addressed but will be informed by industry standards and emerging trends for these building types.

Following completion of the need assessment study, Wilson Estes will evaluate the existing City facilities and prepare conceptual design drawings to investigate the suitability of the existing facilities to support the needs and establish a probable project budget.