Spring Facility Planning Seminar Commences

The Spring 2013 Successful Facility Planning Seminar by Wilson Estes Police Architects commences on May 1st in Kansas City, Missouri. With representatives from over ten different states in attendance, they will be engaged in topics related to commencing and managing a successful public safety building project. This seminar series is designed to give attendees the knowledge necessary to lead a project from beginning to end. Some of the topics that will be covered include:

    • Key Planning Issues/Challenges
    • Selling the Need & Building Support
    • Needs Assessment Studies
    • Security & Access Control
    • RFP/RFQ & Architect Selection
    • Architectural & Engineering Services
    • Renovation vs. New Construction
    • Evidence &  Property Room Design
    • Controlling Project Costs
    • Funding Options
    • How to Calculate Your Cost

Also included is a tour of a recently completed facility and a discussion led by the police department project representatives of another project currently underway. Each of these opportunities will afford attendees with the perspective of fellow law enforcement administrators who have been through this process before.

Wilson Estes Police Architects founded the Police Facility Planning Institute to serve as a means to disseminate information on sound facility planning practices to communities across the country. The Principals and senior staff of Wilson Estes utilize their experience and knowledge in sponsoring this seminar. The next seminar is anticipated to occur in mid-September 2013 and will be an abbreviated 1-1/2 day format. The exact dates will be determined in the very near future. Please visit pfpi.policearchitects.com to learn more about the seminar series.